Guidelines For Photo Appraisals

We recommend sending images via WeTransfer (, a free file-sharing service enabling the sender to send large size files. Please send the images to  Don't forget to include your phone number and as much information as possible.  WeTransfer will send you a confirmation that the files were sent and even let you know when we've downloaded your images! Or feel free to send images below with the file upload buttons.

  • Send images as .jpg files so that we are able to enlarge the pictures.
  • Make sure the whole piece is visible in the photo.
  • Include images of any signatures, marks, inscriptions, tags or labels.  If these details are not legible in the photograph, please make note of the markings.
  • Construction images are very helpful in determining age, so please include such images in order for us to be more precise in our estimates.
  • Condition is always relevant when we value an item, so please include images of any condition issues that you would want to know about if you were buying the piece!

Scroll down to the bottom of this page to see a few examples of what type of images we are looking for to assist us in our evaluation.


The item

Drawer construction


Marks & Signatures

Ceramics & Glass

The item



Condition issues

Decorative Arts

The item



Condition issue

Silver & Objets de Vertu

The item



Condition issues

Fine Art

The painting


Inscriptions or labels



The clock

The dial

The movement

Marks on the movement

Rugs & Tapestries

Entire front of rug

Detail of one corner

Back of the corner

Condition issues